Why did you start The Good Sprout?

As a new Mum, I spent a lot of time searching for sustainable baby products for my little girl, Stevie.  I started The Good Sprout to showcase and sell hand-picked eco-friendly baby products produced by small, local businesses.

Are you a social enterprise?

We are! Our business is focused on achieving our ethical goals – promoting the use of eco-friendly products, supporting small businesses, donating a percentage of profits to charity, and running a zero-waste business. We are active members of our community and plan to contribute even more as we grow. My next goal is to hire a person with disability to help run the business.

Do you offer Buy Now, Pay Later (e.g. Afterpay)?

No, we do not. Buy now, pay later programs like Afterpay take a large percentage of profits. We donate 10% of profits to charity each financial year and cannot afford to do both. We can discuss a payment plan for large orders.

Can you make me a custom nappy bundle?

Of course! We are always available to chat and help you find the perfect nappies. We can offer discounts for orders of 6+ nappies.


Please send me your questions to [email protected] and I will be happy to help