About Us

About The Good Sprout

My name is Laura and I’m passionate about making a positive social and environmental difference. As a new Mum, I spent a lot of time searching for sustainable baby products for my little girl, Stevie.  I started The Good Sprout to showcase and sell hand-picked eco-friendly baby products produced by small, local businesses.

The Good Sprout aims to put our values into practice and make a positive impact on the local community, environment and animals. We will do this by:

  1. Sourcing high-quality, sustainable products that are functional, cute and truly special!

We have worked hard to find beautiful, well-made sustainable products that help families to be a bit more eco-friendly. We will be on the look out for even more items and our range will continue to grow so we are a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your baby toys, clothes and nappies!

  1. Working with small, Australian businesses using ethical manufacturing processes

The Good Sprout has chosen to work with small businesses that either make their products themselves or manufacture them using ethical practices. We won’t be looking to stock products made by big, international businesses, and aim to keep things small – a family business!

  1. Donating 10% of profits to charity each year

At the end of each financial year, The Good Sprout will donate 10% of profits to a charity. In 2019/20 and 2020/21, we will be donating to WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue to respond to emergency wildlife rescue requests, projects to assist bushfire affected animals around Australia.

  1. Striving towards being a Zero- Waste Business

Our environmental footprint is very important to us and so we will continue to strive towards being a Zero-Waste business.

  • Our packaging is either compostable or recyclable and we ship items using Sendle, Australia’s first carbon-neutral delivery service.
  • I make my own recycled paper and use this to write my customers thank you notes. I also use pencils made from recycled materials instead of pens.
  • We utilize local pick-up wherever possible – our customers can collect their orders from Macquarie Park, NSW, and a lot of the products are collected directly from the wholesalers or purchased in bulk to reduce shipping.

About The Owners

My name is Laura and my husband, Jimmy, and I are parents to a very curious and happy little girl – Stevie. We were always quite environmentally-conscious, but having Stevie made us stop and think more about the world that we want her to inherit.

Before we had Stevie, Jimmy and I spent 3 years travelling, living and volunteering around the world. Jimmy was in a 12-month round-the-world yacht race that took him to every continent but Antarctica. I travelled on the Trans-Mongolian train and camped in ger’s and admired the stars in the middle of nowhere, hiked the Great Wall of China and climbed the highest peak in Central America. My background is in counter-trafficking and human rights, so I spent 6 months volunteering at a rescue shelter in Guatemala City for girls (and their children) who are victims of human trafficking or sexual violence.

Half way through this adventure Jimmy proposed and we eloped in Tofino, Canada. Our honeymoon was a 4-month trip through the US and South America that included swimming with sea turtles in the Galapagos and canoeing through the Amazon rainforest.

My passion has always been sustainable development so, during my travels, I wrote a blog called Grassroots Nomad which aimed to promote responsible tourism and ethical volunteering. I also wrote numerous freelance articles on these topics.

Since having a baby, we have seen the huge amount of plastic, rubbish and mess (!) that babies can produce. We have used cloth nappies and wipes since Stevie was born and are trying to make more responsible choices whenever we get something new. Wherever possible we have been buying things second-hand, but when we do buy new things, we have been looking for the best quality, eco-friendly products.

And that leads us to The Good Sprout. Here, we will sell some of our favourite products that we have tried and tested. We have also set up a partner company, Little Eco Parties, which leases everything you need for a fun, green, kids party!